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ABC a healthy commitment to detonate a new life attitude

"The god horse situation?" Cocopark on the first floor of the square set up a long dragon! " "Take your cell phone to Cocopark and get a $100 gift bag!" In March 16th, reporters on micro-blog saw the release of micro-blog's ABC activity in Shenzhen. It turned out to be the second stop of ABC's healthy and priceless theme activity. At present, there are more than 20 thousand discussions on Sina micro-blog's search for "healthy and priceless" topics.

It is understood that most of the citizens learned the news from micro-blog. "Start with a little bit of little belief, after all, now the activities of the gimmicks more than content, and later to see more and more friends around the micro-blog appointment activities, only decided to come together to see the scene." Miss Zhang told reporters in line. "You can come to the scene to find that ABC is really not a token to send a souvenir, but a full 100 yuan product, but to choose a healthy commitment, and to invite friends to supervise, to achieve a promise, is still quite challenging." Asked whether the queuing and receiving process was smooth, one of Miss Wang, who had just finished the gift bag, said: "the overall feeling is more orderly and the operation is very convenient. In the meantime, there are also ABC staff, who have a very good sense of experience."

"Our campaign was selected in Cocopark to see its fashion temperament, where a large number of young white-collar workers are gathered, and this part of the people is the main consumer group of ABC. We hope that through this activity, more white-collar workers are aware of the importance of health and begin to realize their healthy life." The ABC manager said in an interview.

The activity presupposes 20 health commitments. Once the site is selected, micro-blog will send a hundred yuan ABC products to its friends to supervise their promises. These, such as "a plate of green plants at the desk", "make a different nutritional breakfast for 5 days for yourself", "do not take the elevator, be loyal to the stairs", and so on, most of the commitments that do not need to be put into money, are welcomed by a large number of netizens, after sharing their health actions through micro-blog to friends, The whole micro-blog is full of upward positive energy. Perhaps, ABC's healthy and priceless activity awakens not only the awareness of healthy life, but also the long lost promise.

At present, the ABC health priceless 7 city tour is still going on. In March 23rd, it will go to Optics Valley world city waterfall square in Wuhan. It is also hoped that the majority of women in Wuhan will be able to feel it, and perhaps a promise will be able to build a healthy tomorrow.