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  • Let me tell you a story

    18-year journey, 18-year persistence


  • A New Chapter of Education in Danzao, Kang Youwei's Hometown

    On September 9, 2019, Danzao Town held a conference to celebrate the 2019 Teacher's Day in the lecture hall of Youwei Primary School. Zhang Yingtong, Secretary of Danzao Town Party Committee, Chen Taoyuan, Chairman of Danzao Town People's Congress, Li Minglun, Senior Staff Member of Nanhai District Education Bureau, Luo Lirong, Member of the Town Party Committee, William Deng, Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Nanhai Danzao Fellow Townsmen, and He Yongji, Chairman of Danzao Chamber of Commerce, attended the meeting.


  • Long-term Public Welfare, Danzao Nursing Home

    The weather was changeable while the friendship remained unchanged. In January 2019, the weather turned warm, and Kingdom Healthcare carried out the 17th year of elder caring activity in Danzao Nursing Home...


  • Miao Embroidery, the happiness on fingertip from inner heart

    In September 2018, Mr. William Deng, the president of Kingdom Healthcare, together with the officials from United Nation Development Program (UNDP), came to Kaili, Guizhou to ...


  • Boosting Poverty Alleviation through Partner Assistance

    By complying with the spirit of the policies of Nanhai District Committee and Nanhai Government on the poverty alleviation of Ganluo County through partner assistance actively, Kingdom Healthcare went to Ganluo County, Liangshan Prefecture...


  • Send warmth in the cold winter, send love to warm nursing homes

    On the 31st, under the leadership of Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng, a group people of Kingdom Healthcare again stepped into the Danzao nursing home by carring some materials which their elderly loved...


  • Donating blood without paying, devotion to love

    Kingdom Healthcare Industrial has been committed to the development of public welfare for a long time.We worked with our employees to fulfill our social responsibilities, give back to society and achieve common progress...


  • Not forget the heart of the first for fifteen years, and to practice of public welfare to send care

    Kingdom Healthcare has always been enthusiastic about the public welfare and upholds the core values of caring for others, growing together with the society and progressing hand in hand...


  • Care for the old and the same thing

    January 14th, 2016, the world of drizzle, but this does not prevent us from the pace of people, Mr.William Deng and Mr. B Deng, as always in the Spring Festival, go to the elderly home to ...


  • A visit to the old man in the old house of love

    In January 22nd, 2015, Mr. William Deng and his wife, Mr. B. Deng and his wife, led a group of colleagues to the Danzao old people's Hospital, which is a "love agreement" we don't forget every year.Under the kindly guidance of elder sister Yan, the head of the old house...


  • The first lesson of girls: Rose class

    In March 27th, 2014, by the Organizing Committee of the series of activities of the National Heart Series, the first big class of "girl's first lesson, rose class", Co sponsored by Kingdom Healthcare Free and the personal care brand for young people...


  • ABC health and joy delivery - health for female white-collar workers

    In 2014, the ABC brand held ABC "healthy and happy delivery" in the 7 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and sent thousands of women to ABC health personal c...


  • Care for the old and the same thing

    At the dawn of Spring Festival, Kingdom Healthcare did not forget to bring warmth and touch to the old people in the old home of Danzao. In January 22nd, 2014, Kingdom Healthcare...


  • Kingdom Healthcare diligently peer study fund program

    Kingdom Healthcare 15th anniversary sponsored the "Kingdom Healthcare diligently peer study fund program", inviting local dealers and partners to jointly participate in the project to raise more than 1 million yuan of funds for the project...


  • Heart to Yaan to pray for love -- Kingdom Healthcare donated materials for the disaster area

    The news of the 7 magnitude earthquake in Ya'an, Sichuan in April 20th, 2013 affected the hearts of every employee in Kingdom Healthcare....


  • ABC health is priceless -- health promise to buy products, big events stir up Guangzhou

    There is no free lunch in the world, maybe not! As long as you make a health promise, you will get a hundred dollars worth of health product package! In March 9th, AB...


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