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From ABC to big love without selfishness
On October 25th, 2017, Mr.William Deng,the General Manager of Kingdom Healthcare, was invited as a special guest to attend the charity signing conference for the “My Life Road 2016 Nanhai Chapter” at Nanhai Shimen Middle School.The signing of the book was written by Mr.William Deng and Mr. Jian Weiwen, President of the Shimen middle school education foundation.The book name is "from the 100 RMB to the business elite, from ABC to big love without selfishness" - the "my life road" celebrity speech Memorial II.The book collects and records the stories of two famous Hong Kong residents, entrepreneurs in the South China Sea, and their entrepreneurship.The purpose of the boos is to motivate young students to establish a correct outlook on life and values.
On September 29th last year, the “My Life Road 2016 Nanhai Chapter” celebrity speech was given at Shimen Middle School.Nanhai District CPPCC National Committee member, Kingdom Healthcare.Chairman Mr.William Deng, Chairman of Shimen Middle School Education Foundation, Foshan Nanhai Benda Mould. Chairman Jian Weiwen, jointly share their stories of life and entrepreneurship with More than 1,000 students from the school, which caused widespread reactions among teachers and students.
To inherit the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic from the two businessmen, the Hong Kong and Macau South Sea Youth Association compiled and published the commemorative anthology “from the 100 RMB to the business elite, from ABC to big love without selfishness”.The new book collected and recorded the interviews and speeches of the two speakers and their reviewed lectures, as well as the observation thinking of 18 Shimen middle school students."His gratifying and proud voice continues to impact our hearts and tells us that success requires not only aggressiveness, but brave responsibility."After learning the story of Mr.William Deng business, Huang Yiyi from Shimen Middle School wrote her thoughts.At the press conference, she also accepted the award with her classmates who won the essay competition.

Under the guidance of "flower Heart" superman Mr.William Deng, Kingdom Healthcare will be more aggressive, and taking the principle of brave to take responsibility change the future by constantly innovation!