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  • Kingdom Healthcare Awarded Enterprise Standard Forerunner for 2019

    On November 6, the 5th Green Production and Consumer Exchange Conference & the 2019 Annual Summit of Enterprise Standard Forerunner was held in Jinan, Shandong Province! Kingdom Healthcare's corporate standards for "ABC Slim Cotton Soft Surface Sanitary Pads for Daytime Use (KMS Formula)" and "ABC Hygienic Wipes" were awarded an enterprise standard forerunner in 2019!


  • Summary & Sharing Meeting of Foshan University for “Jingheng Cup”

    On the afternoon of October 11, 2019, the 6th “Jingheng Cup” Student Association Cultural Development Project Summary Sharing Meeting of Foshan University was held in the lecture hall of the Student Activity Center of Xianxi Campus.


  • Deng Jinming of Kingdom Healthcare-----the Pathfinder of Healthcare Products,21 Years of Deep Cultivating in the Realm of Healthcare!

    Not long ago, the 2019 promotion conference of “Foshan • Backbone Enterprise” and “Foshan • Metropolis Entrepreneur” was held, and meanwhile the promotional object list of “Foshan • Backbone Enterprise” and “Foshan • Metropolis Entrepreneur” for 2019 was announced. Deng Jinming, one of the founders, Vice Chairman and Deputy General Manager of Kingdom Healthcare Holdings Limited, Guangdong is one of the promotional objects of “Foshan • Metropolis Entrepreneur”.


  • WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare Reached a Strategic Cooperation to Explore the Best Strategy for Digital Sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brands

    On June 24, WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in commodity distribution channels, product routes, consumer experience and digital applications based on the digital ecological capabilities of WeChat Pay, took improving offline operating efficiency, optimizing the consumer experience and promoting sales growth as the common goal, and explored the best strategy for universal digital sales of categories related to women in WeChat Pay.


  • Kingdom Healthcare, Our Sunny Company

    Great news: Kingdom Healthcare won the "2019 Human Resource Management Excellence Award" from 51Job.


  • Kingdom Healthcare Run For Fun, Healthy Life NO.1

    On December 7, 2018, the "Foshan city run for fun" race was joyfully held in Qiandenghu Park, Nanhai District. The athletes of Kingdom Healthcare with high enthusiasm participated in the challenge of "Foshan city run for fun" again...


  • Kingdom Healthcare was awarded the "China Innovative Health Practice Award"

    On November 29, 2018, the "2018 Mercer Health Management Forum and 2018-2019 China's Healthiest Workplace Awards Ceremony " was unveiled in Shanghai. At the forum...


  • Kingdom Healthcare Re-won 2018 China Best Employer Outstanding Employer Award

    On November 22, 2018, Kingdom Healthcare won the 2018 China Best Employer Outstanding Employer Award again. The award competition was hosted by Taihe Consultants. With relevant government agencies, industry associations, and mainstream media, they formed a jury to select the best employers among many companies...


  • Kingdom Healthcare Invited to Meet UNDP Administrator during His First Visit to China

    At the end of October 2018, "Face-to-face Interview with UNDP Administrator —China's Role in the New Era of Global Development" seminar sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was held at Waldorf ...


  • Hello, Kingdom Healthcare Family Day

    The company is like a family. At Kingdom Healthcare, we have the opportunity to learn and grow, the platform to express ourselves, and also Kingdom Healthcare Family Day, which is filled with joy and warmth. Because of Kingdom Healthcare's 20th anniversary, at all over the country, Kingdom Healthcare held a Family Day...


  • 1998-2018, Kingdom Healthcare shines for 20 years

    Kingdom Healthcare was founded in 1998, and has since been striving towards creating high quality, beautiful, and health-conscious feminine hygiene products for consumers and customers. On June 23rd, Kingdom Healthcare celebrated its 20th birthday at Intercontinental Hotel, Foshan.


  • Big brands, mysterious products that maintain beautiful makeup

    ——ABC Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Wipes make you easy to makeup and remove makeup anytime, anywhere As the saying goes, beauty is a girl's nature, but once it comes to makeup remover is a big...


  • "Re-" reputation return! Kingdom Healthcare won 2018 Outstanding Award for Human Resource Management again

    Kingdom Healthcare has always been committed to providing quality, beautiful, and healthy care products to consumers and social.The company's products currently ...


  • Kingdom Healthcare with you run for fun , healthy life is number one!

    In November, the cold wind blowing,Kingdom Healthcare athletes are enthusiastic.On the 24th, Kingdom Healthcare small partners formed a "100-member group" to challenge the "Foshan city 5th Anniversary City Music Run". This year,Kingdom Healthcare has been participating in running for the fourth consecutive year.


  • Kingdom Healthcare won the China good employer excellent enterprise award

    Kingdom Healthcare won the 2017 China Good Employers Excellent Enterprise Award for its outstanding comprehensive management of human resources and outstanding achievements in employer brand building...


  • The biggest and most beautiful sound is the sound of silence, the biggest love without trace

    In November 2017, Guizhou Province has gradually entered the cold winter.Following the footsteps of the cold winter, Mr. William Deng...


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